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Named Entity Recognition

Entity annotation is the act of locating and labeling mentions of named entities within a piece of text data.This includes identification of entities in a paragraph(like a person, organization, date, location, time, etc.), and further classifying them into categories according to the need.

Part-of-speech tagging

Part-of-speech tagging is the task that involves marking up words in a sentence as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and other descriptors.


Summarization is the task that includes text shortening by identifying the important parts and creating a summary. It involves Creating a brief description that includes the most important and relevant information contained in the text.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is the task that implies a broad range of subjective analysis to identify positive or negative feelings in a sentence, the sentiment of a customer review, judging mood via written text or voice analysis, and other similar tasks.

Text classification

Text classification is the task that involves assigning tags/categories to text according to the content. Text classifiers can be used to structure, organize, and categorize any text. Placing text into organized groups and labeling it, based on features of interest.

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Data Collection

Data is collected using various technologies with inhouse expertise as per requirement


Training & Data Annotation

The team is trained & annotations are performed to extract meaningful insights for training AI


Evaluation & Feedback

The data goes through stringent quality checks and sent for final deployment to meet the threshold accuracy

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