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Procuring Data is the hardest part in AI lifecycle. TagX collects, creates and scrape Data for Artificial Intelligence.


Collect and annotate large volumes of Image datasets captured from the real world with wide range of devices.


Collect large volumes of high-quality audio data in a wide variety of languages, dialects, demographics, speaker traits, dialogue types, environments, and scenarios for model training.


Collect, scrape and synthesize videos of all kinds and nature with TagX. Ranging from high quality videos to custom made videos.


Collect speech data from more than 190 countries of more than 20000 people with TagX network.


Create next generation OCR tools with handwritten texts in over 190 language from more than 10000 individuals.


Collect documents like invoices, purchase orders, bank statement, Bill of ladings, receipts, and many more documents with TagX.


Data Collection Services

Data collection can be noisy and costly, which is why it’s essential to design data collection workflows to capture high-quality data.

With data being critical to every company’s success, especially when it comes to AI, there is added urgency for efforts that include data collection, data management, data storage, data access, data security, and more.

The first stage in AI development is Data acquisition where data is collected and aggregated. TagX provides multiple solutions for data collection such as API's, crowd sourcing and off the self datasets.

Our Data Collection Offerings


Audio Collection

We provide High-quality Remote and in-person speech data collection services for voice-enabled technology. Conversational data collection services for chatbots, voice assistants, and speech-enabled devices.
We know how much audio data is needed to train a natural language processing, a voice-to-text system, or any other machine learning model that can recognize human speech. Specific nuances present in discussions, such as irony, sarcasm, and many other elements, must be included in the audio. With the correct pronunciation lexicons, both general and domain-specific, we can acquire the necessary training data.

Document Collection

We collect a variety of documents for industry-specific domains like invoices, resumes, and much more. Develop natural language processing with domain-specific multilingual text data (Business Card Dataset, Document Dataset, Menu Dataset, Receipt Dataset, Ticket Dataset, Text Messages) to extract vital information hidden deep within unstructured data and address a range of application cases.
Being a Text Data Collection Company, TagX offers various types of Data Collection and Annotation services for invoices data, receipts, resumes, etc.

Visual Data Collection

We collect images and videos to match any specifications and situations. We carefully collect diverse image or video data to decrease biased results. TagX can Collect large volumes of image datasets (medical image datasets, invoice image datasets, facial dataset collection, or any custom data set) for a variety of use cases, such as image classification, image segmentation, facial recognition, and so on, to enhance your machine learning capabilities.

Data API

Integrate our Data API to ramp up your Data pipelines filled up with customized datasets collected by TagX for you. Synthetic data, real world data captured with variety of methods like drones, mobile phones, web scraping and many more.
How It Work's

Our Working Process

Get training data for you AI



Our experts define strategic business objectives and outcomes of the project


Data Collection

Data is collected using various technologies with inhouse expertise as per requirement


Training & Data Annotation

The team is trained & annotations are performed to extract meaningful insights for training AI


Evaluation & Feedback

The data goes through stringent quality checks and sent for final deployment to meet the threshold accuracy

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