Field Surveillance

In large farming fields, regular surveillance of crops and plots is a resource intensive task. Farmers can incur various losses due to improper field monitoring. Produce can be affected due to fires, foreign body and vehicle intrusion, animal invasion among other reasons.

High-definition images from airborne drones or sensor platforms, can create field maps across large acres of space. AI systems can automatically identify areas requiring immediate attention. Farmers can reduce costs in resource allocation and profit from increased crop yields.


Ripeness Monitoring

Fruit maturity can be seen from skin color and size.Different crop’s ripening process differs from each other and is fairly unique, therefore ripeness detection training data has to be custom - made for the ML model.

TagX specializes in AI solutions for agriculture with image and video annotation and is experienced in agriculture visual data annotation.

Crop & Weed Detection

Perception models can ease the task of crop detection. We differentiate crops and weeds and label using bounding boxes to process quality training data. Precision agriculture uses AI technology to aid in detecting diseases in plants, pests, and poor plant nutrition on farms.

AI sensors can detect and target weeds and then decide which herbicides to apply. Computer Vision can help detect the type and severity of crop diseases quicker and more reliably. Farmers can then take swift action in curing the disease.


Animal Monitoring

Get high-quality data needed to support livestock monitoring, wildlife conservation, and automatic crop harvesting.Managing a large number of animals in a husbandry or dairy production becomes critical and time-taking when everything is done manually. However, when the AI-based automated system is integrated into it, the livestock management system also becomes easier and more productive.

TagX provides the livestock management training data to track animals and manage livestock through AI-based machines and automated systems.

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Training & Data Annotation

The team is trained & annotations are performed to extract meaningful insights for training AI


Evaluation & Feedback

The data goes through stringent quality checks and sent for final deployment to meet the threshold accuracy

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